AlNaseeb's ATC tracking Thread [CLOSED] @OKBK

Hey there I am Traing for IFATC test, I will be on tower/ground
You are welcome to pass by :) will be waiting for your feedback

Server : Training 
Airport : OKBK
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Hello! Make sure to put OPEN @ ICAO in the title!

Thnx for telling me :) I haven’t noticed

Here is a tourtrial on what to include in a Tracking thread please read before posting A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread


You have a couple formatting errors, but I’ll be over there! Gonna do some transitions and patterns in the dash 8. How long are you planning on controlling?

It’s my first time writing here about opened ATC…you are most welcome


I will drop by shortly

Alrighty, here’s my feedback:
-You said unable patternwork on my takeoff command, which for one is odd as usually pattern work is the focus of practice ATC sessions.
-Right after telling me pattern work is not allowed, you then told me to enter right downwind on the runway, which meant that you intended for pattern work to occur. The correct response here is to respond to the takeoff request with “make right/left traffic” (whichever direction the runway is on)
-You do not need to give pattern entry commands for people staying in the pattern. It is the pilot’s responsibility to know when to turn, and maintain distance with those sequenced ahead of them. Pattern entrys are used when a pilot first enters the airspace and requests landing/touch and go, not when someone takes off.

I am assuming you are just beginning your ATC adventures, and I hope my feedback helps. It takes a bit of practice and learning to get some of the ATC skills down before you are ready to take the test. If you haven’t already, please watch some of the ATC Tutorials which will really help you out. I hope to see you controlling the expert server skies one day!

I really appreciate your feedback, I haven’t noticed that I sent no pattern work it was a mistake by me…but definitely I will make sure that to not fall in the same mistakes the next time.

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Thanks for controlling. Feedback is as follows:


  • Transition altitude of 4,000 feet is too high. Airport is 200 feet + 1,500 pattern work altitude + 1,000 feet separation is 2,700 feet, so 3,000 feet would have done it.

Runway change:

  • I had to repeat my instruction to specify that I wanted to land on 15L. Here you should be attention to what pilot is requesting
  • You had given me a direct clearance. For a runway change, you must first give a pattern, a sequence (if needed), then clearance

Patterns / sequence:

  • Good pattern instruction, (first time), however you could have cleared me for landing. I was explicit with my intentions to land, so there is no need to clear for the option.
  • You gave me pattern instruction the second time when I was pattern work, this was not needed. If I request to takeoff remaining in the pattern, give me a traffic direction, then sequence (if needed) and clear
  • BOE-ING, was given enter right base command multiple times after being given a pattern instruction. These are two different pattern instructions. Ultimately, it is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain separation. If what you had wanted him to do was to turn onto the final leg, the correct command is turn base (but this only usually used to create separation between departures)


  • You had cleared me for takeoff for pattern work without left / or right traffic, but then had given a cleared for the option with right traffic. Here, you should have given me takeoff clearance with left / right traffic then given me a cleared for the option clearance. It is expected that I continue making right traffic until told otherwise. You have made the same mistake with Condor 49 on Runway 15L
  • Additionally, generally speaking your clearances were quite late. I tend to give clearances & sequences, when planes are on downwind for pattern work. There is no need to wait, the earlier the pilots know who they are going to follow, the better.


  • Do not give hold short / any instructions for planes until you hear their intentions. Although this shows good ground awareness, it creates confusion for yourself and for the pilot. Wait for their intentions, this will ease your life in not needing to estimate / guess what the user wants to do.

Best Regards,

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Don’t worry, misclicks happen to the best of us. Definitely got some work to do in some areas, but we all gotta start from somewhere! The only way is up! :)

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I really thank you for your detailed feedback which will really help me for preparing for the IFATC test…I was reading the IFATC manual the past two days to improve a bit for my atc instructions… Definitely I will note down your feedback to remember these mistakes to avoid them in my next atc controlling…since you have a lot of knowledge about ATC and you are a IFATC member do you recommend any other resource rather than the youtube channel and the IFATC manual…if you have please mention me some so I can make them a reference for my study…thnx again :)

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The manual and YouTube videos should be all you need! Once you’re ready to take the written test and pass (it’s easier than it seems) you’ll be assigned a trainer that can dissect everything you do and make sure you are absolutely perfect prior to your practical test.

Ohhh perfect that’s exactly what I need…so he can tell me some tricks which may be in my test and so I can avoid them

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Yeah! When you feel that you have enough ATC knowledge to take the written test, be sure to contact one of the ATC recruiters.

I will definitely once I feel confident about handelling it…thnx again 💙

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Good luck dear can’t wait to see you ATC Member ✌🏻.

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Tower/ground is now opend till 2020-05-29T18:55:00Z → 2020-05-29T19:30:00Z in the same airport

I presume your still open so I’m on my way!

yes I am… you are more than welcome :)