Almost There! DC-10 Emergency Landing @ KRSW

1) Background to the photos
Today, FedEx Flight 280 was flying a daily route from KMEM to KFLL. On approach to KFLL, we lost an engine…it all went downhill from there.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Training Server, KMEM-KFLL, 2300Z

**3) Photos

We are at the gate, loading our cargo.

Look at that view of the gulf!

As we neared the coast of Florida, our number 2 engine started having problems.

Suddenly, it just gave out on us as we made the turn to KRSW for an emergency landing…

On final approach with one engine remaining…will we make it?

Result: FAIL.
FedEx Flight 280 crashes within 10 nm of the runway threshold, bursting immediately into a ball of flames. Fortunately, the crew survived.

I hope you enjoyed the story!


I’m sorry but I cant even see the pictures its soo dark

Glad the crew were safe!

if only the #2 engine had issues, why did you only have 1 engine remaining on approach? the dc10 has 3 engines…


@Sunseeker58, that’s one mega OOF

The number 2 engine gave out before before I turned towards KRSW. The number 3 engine gave out as soon as I made it to final approach. The number one gave out about 20 km from the threshold of runway 28, leading to a stall.