Almost reported for no reason (again)

Last night I was pretty mad and I wanted to express my feeling last night but I decided to get some sleep calm down and come back. But anyway

I decided to join that massive group flight from Singapore to Istanbul with pocket rishi and a lot of other amazing people on here and there were I would say about 30 of us. However on departure i was told by whoever was on arr to fly off my flight plan when literally everyone else was following it. I tried to follow it but then they said I’d get reported so I had to leave.

All I’m asking is why was I the only one out of the entire group flight to fly off my flight plan? That would never be allowed in real life

Hello! Your best bet would be to contact the contact the controller and discuss it with them

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Firstly, it would be allowed in real life. You may have been getting too close to an aircraft in front of you. Just follow ATC instructions. Honestly it’s that simple. They have a reason for telling you to do something. You can contact them on the IFC after the fact to find out what was going on. They’ll be able to explain their actions to you.
Edit: also, if getting warnings like this is happening multiple times, there probably is a reason.
If you can’t find a controller, you can look on this list


The controller at that time was @Alejandro_Castaneda. You can PM him.

And if ATC tells you to not follow your flight plan, you have to follow their instructions. He was also trying to create spacing for the group flight.

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