Almost Parallel take off!

Etihad and Swiss almost parallel take off! It wasn’t planned.
Klax to KSFO/Training server


why u b turning towards the swiss guy tho? lol


I was going that way lol!

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Well you should have taken off from the right runway, but it’s TS anyway 😂

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I was parked on cargo ramp and told to take this runway!


Blame ATC for improper procedure

sad Ts ATC noises

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Nice shot next time do a straight out until there’s no conflict :)

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Thanks! And it was a straight out until at 2,000 but this picture was taken right when taking off there was wind so plane moved off the centerline

Amazing photos! I’d be pretty scared if I were that Swiss guy in the second photo tho… xD

Well it’s not ATC’s fault if you turn directly after takeoff knowing there is one parallel guy. It’s better to ask for departure request and wait till it is approved.