Almost out of fuel

For this to not happen again. I would recommend you use sim brief lmao


What direction are the winds?

I can take a f-16 and see what’s up

i made calculations for days, i cant believe its happening…

go ahead im FL330

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Ok what Airport are you over

Make a turn south head to Winnipeg it’s your best chance at not crashing

34 knots, south

i’ll try
to do it

Try winegpeg or Regina both are almost directly south

winnipeg is way too far im high up canada

the nearest is calgary

hey i got a jet on standby

Rankin-Inlet, it is to the east of where you are, idk if it can hold a 777

Or Edmonton (CYEG), its north of Calgary and can hold a 777-200

but in in a 300 not 200

oh sorry, it can still hold a -300

the jet is by me so il figure something out thank you all for your help

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@Avaitor1 is the jet

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No I’m not @Aviation_Jerry is