Almost out of fuel

hi there, i (was) flying from eham to klax, on a 777-300ER. I wanted to always do this route but at the same time, i have family to look up for too. so i decided to go a bit faster to spend time with my family. well, that only made my fuel burn even faster (i did not step climb to my current altitude, FL330) because i am going 290 knots. like i mentioned earlier, i wanna spend time with my family, and i realized i wont make it since this plane is gradually chewing on my fuel, so i diverted to SFO, but i think i STILL dont have enough fuel to get there. you can track me rn, im flying over the top of canada and im in a 777 KLM. is there any other close airports to stop by and refuel at?


what server

expert, sorry i forgot to mention

Vancouver is an option

so layover at vancouver and head on to sfo?

Let me check live flight real quick

ok but i am kind of to the east i might not make it either

How much fuel as of right now do you have

47% left, 65,710 kg

Your almost out of fuel

thats why i made the topic!

How long I have you on Live flight rn and no airport can handle a 777 in the area

What’s you call sign

i need a layover somewhere near

KLM 3 (10 characters)

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Winepeg might be a option depending on the winds direction right now, Vancouver could be another

Already you said your over Canada

I have him on LiveFlight as we speak MSP is also an option it’s due south of you

i really need to think fast this plane is chewing on my fuel


calgary is the nearest stop