Almost no flight to make

So I’m currently searching for a flight departing/arriving from/to Lagos and there are quite a lot of flights but no livery.
The only fights I can make are very long and for the other ones there is no livery… (Like Rwanda Air, Air Namibia, Kenya airways B738 and more…)
So what do you fly? And I think we should avoid making FNFs in places like this because of the lack of liveries.


Maybe some custom routes or GA routes.

Also the shortest route I can think of is to Casablanca

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i will fly in from atlanta
delta operate this flight in the a332
i will fly the a333

Nothing wrong with a good old long haul :) plus, the Infinite Flight liveries will work well for short hauls :)

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Arik Air, Boeing 737-8 makes official flights out of FNF Airports.

  • Recommended route = Luanda - Lagos Arik Air. (W3363 Flight)

  • Just fly with a GA Aircraft. TBM, Cessna or Cessna Citation X. The point of the FNF is to explore and experience new scenery in places.

  • Recommended route to fly out of Addis ABBA with an Ethiopian 777-2 or 787-8.

  • Recommended route to fly out of Cape Town or Johannesburg, South African Airbus A330.

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And I think you should explore the area and be adventurous! Try something new!


I flew in this morning with the a333 from ATL. You can also fly in from JFK with the same aircraft.

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I’m in the air right now (inbound from Las Vegas) in an American 789

No they shouldn’t, you can always check flightradar or do a little more research if you want specific flights.

Assuming you want a shorter flight, take an Arik 737-800 to either Accra or Abuja, if you want something longer then I’m sure you’ve found it.

Hop in a TBM! No livery problems there, and then you’re welcome to do some low level VFR exploring, or climb up and cruise around.

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I’ve found a Lufthansa connection in Lagos to Cameron about one hour with the A333. That’s good

There is quite a few liveries you can use:

Arik Air 737-800

TAAG Angola 737-700

Royal Air Maroc 737-800

Arik Air CRJ-1000

Any other African livery on a short haul aircraft. etc. Libyan, Egypt air, Kulala, Mango, South African.
These airlines may be based further away in Africa but they do have the range.

In addition to that you can always to short haul with any of these African airlines:

Kenya 787-8

Ethiopian 787-8

Ethiopian 777-200LR

Ceiba Intercontinental 777-200LR

South African A330-300

South African A340-600

But out of all of these airlines I mentioned I would recommend Arik Air or TAAG the most since both aircraft have hub airports that will have ATC today.

TAAG isn’t flying to Lagos

Angola’s airport is also covered by the ATC tonight. Plus just because it doesn’t have scheduled flights there in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t fly there in IF.

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I’m following the realism. If there is no realism there is no desire to fly for (for me)

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I just checked, they actually do fly to Lagos

Really? Not from Luanda right?

You can see the full list of airlines that fly to Lagos here. They do have a flight from Luanda

Only one fight operated by Arik Air

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This is my last reply as I don’t want to clutter this topic. Flightradar24 still has very limited coverage in west africa. So the flight could likely happen, whether it be only once a week, or once a day, but it is not picked up by the app. You can see them mention there limited coverage here.