Almost Grade 4

Ok. Here is why I’m creating this topic. I need help with getting landings.

Any ideas on how to get it really quick? Like within 1 hour quick. I’m desperate. 😜

Two words: Pattern work.

Edit: Okay I highly doubt you’re going to get 86 landings in one hour.

Yesterday got 21 landings in 15 mins just do some Pattern work


What I did to get to grade 5 from grade 4 (250 landings) was 5+ landings a day. For example, on my way to school all I would do is do pattern work. Since it was a good 45 minute drive/bus ride there I would get around 10 landings in. But whatever works for you.

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What aircraft do you recommend? Which airport has a good pattern area?

That’s a good idea


I like kmco, you can just go from one runway to another back and fourth @Crcoli737

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What I recommend is an airport with two parallel runways, either the cub (for smaller airports), or the A318 (for larger airports).

On Casual server at an airport with lots of runways in a xcub so you get more landings in less time

My dedicated self once did pattern work for around 4-5h. And that’s key my friend. Pattern work.

You will get around 100 landings in about 80 mins if you do it right :)


Doing pattern work at KOSH will allow you to get a lot of landings in. That’s how I got to grade 5, the amount of runways and their positions make it great for taking off on one runway, then landing on the next. I recommend to do this on casual server though.

KEDW is also really nice for patternwork. I doubt you’ll get 86 in an hour, but you can definitely get it in 1.5 or two. :)

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