Almost Grade 3!

Guys! I am almost Grade3! That means that I will fly into Expert Server and take my flying skills to the next level.

Also, I get to join even more events that you awesome guys make!

Oh yes guys… I’m so close…


Good luck! Just make sure you know all of the rules before you start flying in expert. If you feel like something isn’t clear to you learn it carefully because getting ghosted is sucks…

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Oh, I did this and then I finished my flight with one xp, lemme see if I can find the screenshot…

Great job!
However, make sure that before you fly you are ready.

This link has a lot of great information before starting.

@Tim_B also made a great post right here - be sure to read this before starting!

Remember, just because you can fly on expert doesn’t mean you should!
See you in the expert skies!


Hey mate,
You’re doing great, I suggest going on a multiple hour long haul flight somewhere and that’ll increase in no time. Good luck and I hope to see you at an event on the expert server!

Awesome work, and keep going because you are almost there! One thing I can’t stress enough when on the expert server, is only request takeoff when first in line. On the training server i see aircraft request takeoff when they are third in line, and it happens quite frequently. Wishing you godspeed to grade 3!

Make sure to read through all the tutorials Pilot tutorial guide - #11 to make the experience smoother with professional ATC and a more professional experience for yourself as well

Do an overnight and you will be there when you wake up


Good luck, and see you soon!

Congrats! Welcoming you to the expert server early! As the others said look at the tutorials, that really matters and has a meaning behind it as I would also suggest to look at them before. Wishing you happy flying!

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Good luck! Just a few weeks ago, I got my 40,000 XP and became Grade 3. See you on the expert server soon!

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