(almost disaster) Miami to Tegucigalpa in a 737

Hello!, I hope you’re doing well, today i flew to Tegucigalpa with a 737 from Miami, it almost ended in disaster due to tegucigalpa airport being one of the most dangerous in the world

Aircraft: B738
Flight Time: 1:30

(below) The aircraft is ready for boarding, 137 passengers will board the 156 seats 737

(below) the plane Is taxiing to Runway 26L while a United 737 was taking off from the same runway

(below) Finally at 2:11 PM Local Time the 737 takes off

(below) The 737 retracting its gears

(below) A moonshot i took while the 737 was ascending to FL350

(below) We are now in Honduras, descending

(below) The plane is preparing for a very hard turn and landing

(below) The Cockpit of the plane while Doing a right turn before landing at tegucigalpa

(below) The plane has landed after a go-around

(below) The plane is being unloaded at 3:44 PM local time


Hey mate,

These are some pretty cool photos and some nice angles. Love the photo especially of the 737 completing the right turn before landing. The angle the photo was taken at looks so majestic.

Just remember to take a look through this topic linked below as well mate, as you’re only allowed 10 photos per topic. Just a friendly heads up for future, just so you know.


Sorry, i didn’t really realized i had that much pictures, as i wanted to include everything that happened in the flight, i will edit it and delete some

No worries, it’s all good and no problem at all. The reason for the 10 photo limit, is so that posters include their 10 best photos from their flight and not a photo from every single moment. Keeps the quality of topics up to scratch.

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Thanks for letting me know i wasn’t following the rules correctly, i will take this as a warning

All good mate. I see you’re only new to the community as well, so welcome! It’s awesome to have you here.


Nice pictures!

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Gotta love those wing views! IF definitely needs to add more of them

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I love these photos! Great moonshot and the cockpit photo is amazing!

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Wow, you’ve done the retro 737 justice in these photos! I almost want to fly it now. 👀

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I’ll never get over AA’s crome livery especially on the 737😍!

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I love the third picture! 😀

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Hey and welcome to the community !
Great photos, despite what Declan already told you. I did the same approach in Tegucigalpa a while ago with the AA Astrojet livery, thought you might wanna have a look ;)

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I tried this in a 737 and nearly crashed after two go-arounds, but as @Swiss says “you can always go around”

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These are really nice photos!

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