Almost didn’t make it

Soooo I just flew my longest flight ever from John F. Kennedy International to Sydney Kingsford International in a Boeing 787-9. I had to put no passengers and no cargo just to make the trip. I was in emergency fuel at around 8000 agl in the very back of the queue. I honestly don’t believe I had enough fuel to even divert so I just kept going. This was not intended at all. I just barley made it before all my fuel was gone. Moral of the story if you fly from New York better of using the a380 or 747 from Qantas if you want to make it.

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Noice, I was going to London to Sydney, but I couldn’t due to the Fuel Tanks not being big enough.

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You can make a topic in the #screenshots-and-videos category showing your flight though!

This sound like you are just begging be to fly the 767 on this route. Challenge accepted.

Good job but depending on how fast you were going you should have been able to make it without running out of fuel.

What was your highest cruising Alt?

FL360 the entire way

KJFK COATE LAAYK YYOST DGRAF MTCAF 4152N/7653W REBBL REXXY HERBA RAAKK FARGN ICHOL JAAJA TWIGS BERYS SLLAP DEANI IDIOM HUFFR ABR DPR CZI DBS BOI LKV LMT VESPA 3815N/13313W 3629N/13612W 3450N/13813W 2842N/14405W 2722N/14520W 2305N/14856W 2017N/15049W 2000N/15100W 1914N/15152W 1709N/15407W 1207N/15915W 1108N/16013W 845N/16249W 658N/16456W 300N/16937W 007N/17250W 500S/17822W 551S/17917W 846S/17735E 1201S/17415E 1318S/17257E 1615S/17009E 1845S/16757E 2345S/16400E 2450S/16300E 2547S/16205E 2958S/15756E JORDY 3346S/15258E RIKNI MARLN BIKUS URDEN YSSY. That was my flight plan. If you can make it in a 767 without stopping you have my respect and admiration.

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767 has 20 hours of fuel roughly. And you should’ve gone to FL400 would’ve used less fuel

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