Almost a Year Late @KLAX 06MAR22

wow i’m back again

back for my yearly post hehe. these photos are from an LAX spotting trip that happened almost a year ago, when myself and @AndrewWu, @Altaria55, @Cameron_Stone, @Guxk, and @Speedyyy descended on los angeles for a weekend. this post has a combination of ground shots and aerials, which all of us were very lucky to be able to do.


cue the aerials, this here shot from the el segundo orbit across the airport to catch this china airlines A359 departing past playa del rey. pushed the reach of my 100-400 with this one, but i think it came out pretty good!

there’s no takeoffs quite like the 747’s, and watching one depart from above was an incredible experience. lighting conditions really pulled through for this shot

early morning departure for an atlas air freighter
i wasn’t ready to catch this one, hence the butchered settings and the all-white paint doesn’t exactly do me any favours but i recovered it…i think?

one of my favourite aerial angles, a top-down of an aircraft parked at a gate. this here is one of many united B772s wearing star alliance paint

smol plaen
i have to give allegiant credit for their current livery it’s pretty good

LAX is somewhat known for panning, so here’s some of my best attempts (as usual brought to you by topaz denoise and sharpen)

i better not get flamed for these

these shots are from a previous trip but i wanted to fill the rest of the topic
stereotypical in n out cameo

virgin atlantic B789 “lady freedom” (haha land of freedom) departing RNAV DLREY off 24L

one of my favourite shots of all time, and the only photo that i have ever printed
tahiti paint still stands as the objective best livery out there


canon 90D
canon 50mm 1.8 IS STM
canon 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS STM
sigma 16-35mm f1.8 DC art
sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM contemporary

thanks for stopping by!



also…it’s March 14th you pretty much are a year late


bro is big time late.

skill issue

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Sick shots!

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I wanted to choose a favorite photo among all those of this topic but they are just all beautiful!

So I choose this one…


These photos are AWESOME! Saving this for the 2023 awards! :)

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In-n-out burger has no permanent presence in Australia.

But they very rarely run one day only pop-up stores in one of the major cities, like almost never. Kilometer long lines to get in. March 8th they did one in Melbourne.

All this teaser activity. It’s right below you folks!

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Dare I ask the logistics and planning to get these phenomenal angles?

Robert is still stuck in 2022

Awesome photos!

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Amazing pictures! Are they on JetPhotos?

Love it! I wanna go to LAX so bad for this only lol

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This is one of, if not the best spotting topic I’ve seen on the IFC. These shots are incredible!

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now that i think of it i am more than a year late
oh well😁

for LAX it’s actually quite simple. there’s a company based at hawthorne KHHR called star helicopters that offers planespotting flights from $325 usd / hour

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i have a rather artistic editing style that breaks just about every jetphotos editing rule so unfortunately not lol

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thanks so much declan! very high praise🙌

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Watch me perform a JetPhotos screening on all these photos (very accurate because I am a seasoned JP expert [not])

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  • bad motive
  • bad framing (not centered, too loose)
  • over exposed
  • bad post processing
  • too much or too little contrast
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • overexposed
  • backlit
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • overexposed
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • the “f u” rejection (both of them)
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • overexposed
  • bad framing (too loose)
  • backlit

And this is why, as an artistic editor, JP is so annoying.


Welcome back to photography Robert!

And thanks for reminding me that I should post more of these

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