Almost a month with the Dash (Android, sorry Apple users). Have you mastered it?

It’s more so the gusts and turbulence than the crosswind. Go on solo and set max crosswind without gusts. Master the crab landing. Then add gusts and turbulence. The dash is slow to react when moving slow on final and trying to counter those gusts.


Am stil learning with it…have picked up more speed violations whilst using the dash 8 then rest of my time combined on IF! Picked up 3 today :-( though to be fair my fault as was also watching House of cards on Netflix so totally pilot error!

I think the ground effect is way too effective for a high-wing aircraft like the DH4D…

At first I couldn’t control the flaps and airspeed but know I mostly fly on flights from KNUC or EGLC

Im having trouble with those manual crosswind landings


It’s the DH8D ;)

Anyways, I am flying the Dash-8 pretty good, I’d say.

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same here once I got speed violation followed by a crash in space of 20secs


MaxSez. I’ve been flying the Dash exclusively since day 1. I have lots of hours and 5 sometimes but I have not mastered the nasty lady yet in windy conditions. She’s a hand full. I love the challenge! Kick the tire lite the fire an go for it till you get it right in all met conditions. ( I follow @AR_AR guidance and flang it around on Solo from time to time!)


@Laurens. MaxSez… . Stability… It’s the wing/spoiler configuration me thinks…


I’m an apple user who just started flying the Dash last week. I flew a lot over this past weekend and I definitely haven’t mastered it yet but I would say I’m very comfortable with it now.

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I mastered it. The first time I flew was in a severe Crosswind landing at KASE, I did pretty decent (To my standards)

Plus It’s the plane I fly on most in RL (CaribbeanLife)

At first I found it hard, but after a few weeks I’ve got it nailed down!

That design does not help, it’s unstable in the wind and prone to gear collapse

I literally just hit Grade 4 yesterday, and these winds got me feeling like a novice in the Dash 8. Just got it on Friday. .

The first day I got it, couldn’t keep it straight in the air, haven’t flown it since.

@C_Baccari… MaxSez… No guts no glory. Strap it on again. I’m confidant you can master it then fly a Super Decathlon & a Spitfire. There shady ladies as well.

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I got it this morning. It is very sensitive to turbulence. I had the seatbelt sign on the full duration of the flight LAX to PSP in Live.

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It was easy

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