almost a disaster! epic pilot error

just landed at JFK after executing a full manual approach with crosswinds of about 30 kts! it’s wasn’t until i parked at gate when i realized only two engines were running! number one and two, boeing 744 light weight…

was doing a quick practice flight in the training server from philadelphia to JFK! the jumbo jet is hard to handle unlike the a380, at takeoff the aircraft drifted to the right violently although there was winds of like 5/9 kts so i thought it’s weird! i never imagined the possibility that i am only flying on two engines from one side, i know i switched on two engines during pushback and i probably forget to turn on the other two during taxi!

such a epic fail ;.; although we managed to land safely. hands up to JFK tower perfectly handled the busy airport ,.


A… cool story bro! But seriously, double check those things next time. :)


Things happen but this doesn’t really warrant its own topic. Be safe out there!