AlMasria Universal Airlines A320

AlMasria Universal is an Egyptian airline based in egypt.
Plans for AlMasria Universal Airlines were announced in 2008 and the airline launched operations in June 2009. In an interview in April 2009 the appointed company president and CEO, Hassan Aziz, stated that the airline would launch operations in 2009 to take advantage of low prices during the global financial crisis to tap demand for air travel in the most populous Arab country.

The company offers cargo services in the bellyhold of its passenger fleet.

Maintenance is outsourced completely to EgyptAir under a total service agreement, with the airline also training AlMasria flight crew and the technical team. Ground-handling will be through EgyptAir, with passenger services undertaken by Egypt Aviation Services and catering by a new venture between EgyptAir and Lufthansa’s LSG Sky Chefs. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is one of egypt’s low cost airlines, it will be great to have their Airbus A320 as it can fly low and mid range flights. They have a beautiful livery and it will be great to have it in IF since, there is only 2 plans for egyptair which is the only Egyptian airline in IF.

@Steven_Wagih I Don’t think the IF developers would add something like this especially with the EgyptAir Fleet not being complete so I Think You Should Create Topics Like The EgyptAir A320 and A321 and 777 and 787 and E170

Please don’t provide false information. The developers add whatever livery generates support. The developers would look in to adding this livery if it receives lots of votes.

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This is a pretty cool livery!

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Are you talking to me or Aly2120 ?

@Aly2120. You didn’t do anything.