AlMasria Universal Airline A320-200

AlMasria Universal Airline is an Egyptian airline, that started in 2008, The first aircraft arrived in Egypt in April 2009 and the second one in August 2009

Fleet:The airline primarily operates Airbus A320 aircraft, known for their efficiency and versatility on short to medium-haul routes. And in total has 7 aircrafts in their fleet.
Routes:AlMasria Universal Airline connects major cities within Egypt and the Middle East region. Internationally, it serves select destinations in Europe and Africa, with popular routes including Istanbul, Jeddah, Dubai, and Beirut.
Hub:The airline’s main hub is located at Cairo International Airport (CAI), strategically positioned to facilitate seamless connections for passengers traveling to and from Egypt.
Inception: AlMasria Universal Airline commenced operations in [insert year], aiming to provide affordable and convenient air travel options for both domestic and international passengers.