Allowing same short plate commands for different frequencies

Heyy everyone. Have you controlled multiple ATC frequencies yet? Well i have done it and i have noticed small but a very common thing which i am sure other controllers (radar especially) might have noticed that IFATC command list has some short plates which can help you give commands quickly. However when you get into ATC and are controlling multiple frequencies then the frequency on which you will give first a specific command, it will become short plate for that frequency and even if you use the same command in another frequency it will never become a short plate there. I will explain it with an example below.


  • I opened Melbourne and Brisbane center to quickly show what problem there is prevailing currently. Thanks to @Andy_R for the help. Have a look at the image below.

  • Here in the above image, Philippines 001VA has tuned into Melbourne Center and is asking for a climb to FL600. I have given him altitude at your discretion. This will create a small Alt. Discr. plate on the top left corner of the ATC command menu. This can be used as shortcut anytime we wish to use the Altitude at your Discretion command .

  • Moving further i tell them to contact Brisbane center. After tuning in to Brisbane center, pilot will again request climb to FL600. I will then send altitude at your discretion command again to them. Have a look at the image below.

  • This time the ATC menu will not create a shortcut for the Alt. Descr. as it is already created for Melbourne center. So from now on if any time we need to use the Altitude at your discretion for aircrafts inside Brisbane center, we need to go into the misc messages menu of the ATC command menu and we have to provide the Altitude at your discretion command from there. This can be very time consuming and tedious when you control multiple frequencies on the Expert Server. There are many more such small commands which you might use frequently on multiple frequencies together.

Solution Request: I hereby request everyone to please join me in requesting for small plates of same commands in Multiple frequencies so that ATC can use same short plates in different multiple frequencies to save time of everyone and server better. This might be a small thing but it can be very helpful in busy times. Thank You all for listening. Stay Safe!

IFATC Officer

Yes I also noticed that and it will be so helpful in busy airspace to implement this solution


But how would that work with Ground and Tower? What if you then accidentally tap the “cleared for Takeoff” when someone requests pushback and tap the “cleared for pushback” when someone requests Takeoff


I agree with @Infinite_Qantas tbh.

Also, why is Phillipines 001 VA requesting a climb to 60000ft?!


FL600 is just his discretion. Coming on the feature, ground can’t have cleared for takeoff in a short plate because it does not have that command in the ground ATC frequency. This is like if you open Approach and Departure frequency then you might need some common commands.


I just wanted to test an unusual number. So I chose FL600. :D

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What you found is a bug, it shouldn’t be doing that.

So if it’s a bug, will it get solved?