Allowing planes to spawn in airports that are too small for that airplane

It’s a mishap, and I don’t want to place it in support, because, well, you probably know why.

Airport: TUPJ

Runway Length: 4,600ft

Largest Plane to go there in real life: A318 or E190 (I don’t know which one is bigger)

I kind of find this annoying, as when I go to the airport in-game (If there are people there,) they are always in an A319, A320, 737, etc. Point is, it’s in a training server. It’s supposed to be realistic… Why is the game allowing these planes to spawn there?

Please Fix this Problem


Thanks for creating this topic. The A318 and E190 are Category C aircraft (meaning their wingspan is 24-36 metres long, and have an outer main-gear wheel span of 6-9 metres). When building airports, we limit aircraft by their category of wingspan and wheel span, which is relevant to the real-world classification of the aircraft sizes.

As the largest aircraft that operate around the aircraft are Category C, this means that all aircraft of that category and below can spawn into the airport, meaning anything larger will be restricted. Unfortunately we can’t allow specific aircraft within a category, meaning that the A320 and 737 can spawn in as well, which is the issue you’re facing. I’ve attached a table of the aircraft categories in Infinite Flight below for reference. :)

Hope this helps!


A 737 bbj landed there once IRL also the start locations are class C for the E175

That’s a -700, and I’m talking -800’s, and -900’s. Plus, people were saying that that shouldn’t have been allowed. (Taxiway Size.) But, yes that is true.

I’m the person who built that airport in order to allow the E175 To spawn their I had to have class Charlie taxiways and start locations The problem you’re having is outside of the control of the Editors.

Oh, great! I love the 3D model.

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I have checked a few sources online, and I believe the airport is a Category C airport, meaning that in real life a 737 is able to land there. Just because no airline finds profit in operating a 737 or an A230 to TUPJ doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

I am afraid I have to disagree. In the post, I stated that the runway is 4,600 feet long, that is not long enough for an A320(Or A230, as you say, no offence), or a 737 to land there. American Airlines also flies there in a E175, and they would not use an E175 if it were possible to use a 737.

~ Sincerely, Sam/Mas4gh4

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