Allowing expert ATC to ghost users when they are pilots

Hello guys, guess I am back with another feature request with one main concern.

According to someone’s formula: Expert-Ghost enforcement=KLAX TS1. This is happening a lot post-global and it is a huge concern to me and I know a few others as well. The situation has gone worse because a small bunch decided to abuse the system and start reporting people for no reason and the reporting function was taken away.

Expert is a place where we strive for professionalism and not taking off from a taxiway, trying to race to a runway so on so forth.

IFATC controls expert, they know who are trolls from the tower and same with them on the ground. This is why I think that when they are pilots they have the ability to separate trolls from the good bunch. This brings us to my request, letting people from these 2 highly mature and also hard to get in group to enforce the laws. To avoid trolls joining these 2 groups just to ghost people, you have to be active on IFATC and have a good reputation within the IF community, all members with this privilege should be chosen by recruiters/ATC mods.

The reporting screen will also look the same as the one in IFATC screen, there’s reporting for taking off from a taxiway, landing/taking off against flow of traffic, inappropriate callsigns. There should also be a Misc message screen where you send warnings to pilots before hitting the hammer, those commands should be similar from what the ATC side says. Please check help pages, don’t cut in line, please taxi with an appropriate speed(I added this one) etc.

Ghosting options could be;

This feature should be made available to these pilots on expert server only. I hope this brings better general pilot maturity to the community. Thoughts and comments? Leave them below, I would love to hear them!

I feel this should only apply to IFATC, otherwise I support this. But not enough to give a vote because there is more to the feature request sadly.

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Tbh, our great moderators and IFATC Mods are always available and you can always PM one of the nice lads and ask them to hop on and Knock some kid out of the server…

IFAE should not be able to ghost! IFATC only (if even)
^ Any kid can get into IFATC and troll (maybe only a high ranking IFATC (Specialist? APPR/DEPR Controller)


I put IFAE into the mix because I feel like they can enforce it when expert ATC are controlling. I certainly see where you’re coming from though

@Balloonchaser I don’t think mods have that much spare time to just “hop on” ghost someone and leave. The high ranking IFATC part makes sense although even people controlling Charlie’s can ghost when they are on tower. I’ll certainly reconsider the rankings to ghost as pilots

Edit: I changed to IFATC specialists or up to be able to use this function

Yeah, the thought of expanding ghosting privilege makes me nervous…

In my opinion, the goal of this request is to continue to make the Expert server more professional, which I agree with 100 %. I do not, however, think that more ghosting is the solution. Perhaps we could incorporate a more stringent ranking system which would allow users onto the server. Maybe even the implementation of a knowledge exam before getting on the server.

My fear would be the misuse and abuse of ghosting should that privilege be further extended. I do, in every way, support the revision of standards to make it on to the Expert server in the first place.


From my controlling experience on the tower, I ghost more people with 300K XP than those with 50K. It’s hard to separate good from the bad. Some 300K XP people I ghosted only has 10 violations too. The grade table doesn’t solve everything

I’m trying to increase the requirements in the main post to see if the misuse could be avoided. It seems to be that enforcing ghosting more could help separate good/bad pilots more than something on paper. Flying is a practical thing and seeing how they do in game just seems better

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As an IFAE member myself I don’t think it’s necessary to add us in the mix. I agree that the group is very much highly professional and have very much been through extensive training to join. Also, 90% of the group are also IFATC. However, to include us would spark a mass amount of people joining up for only one particular reason. I suggest keeping it to the IFATC and also the mods and devs.


As I have little to no experience controlling, I can’t really imagine how frustrating it must be. I agree with your assessment, though, that there are pilots with impressive numbers XP and hours wise that make bonehead decisions which are incredibly confusing. I agree with you that the current rank structure is nothing more than a hurdle which low-skill pilots can easily overcome to make G5.

It is also true that the threat of ghosting is something that keeps me in line (also my desire to not be an idea and fly professionally). I think there is a fix out there, and maybe it is having “observers” that can keep an eye on things in non-IFATC areas. Then again, if these “observers” were created, pilots would know who they are and fly properly around them, and screw around when there isnt IFATC or another ghosting-designee around, just like they do now. Perhaps we could have IFAE leaders be able to ghost, combined with a written exam to get on the server. I don’t know what the fix is, but there has to be one.

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Well nice request.
Me personally not IFATC yet, but have experienced many times some trollers crashed on me or taxing with 50knota etc…
And sadly ATC might be busy so couldn’t react right after to ghost the player.

This is a great suggestion as a IFAE member but a lot of members would have to be retrained to have access to this feature. Also many on IFC might fight against this because of too much control. Although this is a great suggestion it pushback from other pilots on IFC and Expert pilots who are non IFAE or IFATC members


Because the thing I am proposing right now is one of the fixes that I came up with. There’s already a test one but as a lot of others said: Someone could easily cheat on the test, hard to implement etc.

IFATC part should be IFATC Officers above or IFATC Specalist for 6 months with good standing in order to use this feature. I’m limiting it again because I am scared of abuse, I feel all of you

I took away the IFAE(No offense as an ATC I love your flying skills) part due to community feedback. I would love to hear more from you guys though!

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I would love this feature but in terms of IFATC it should only be for those who are certified to be approach and departure not for those who are just certified for ground and tower

As an experienced IFATC officer (approach), I don’t think this is a good idea. I could only imagine the amount unjustifiable ghosts that could take place if something like this was implemented. Being ghosted is a serious thing, and allowing that power to be in so many hands could lead to many pilots being wrongfully taken off the expert server.


That is also very true ghosting is a serious thing you have a valid point

This feels the same as when we’re on the tower, how we report and how we screenshot for proof. It’s even easier because you don’t even have the stress on the tower

If he trolls he’s out… don’t get what you’re saying…🙄 also just so you know an app controller is officer or higher. A specialist is someone that passed the initial test and has got a bit of experience. (It took me a week to pass from observer to specialist)

Anyway I like the feature I think it would be really good. Sometimes I see situations that I’d just like to report the user. There’s just one problem… as atc you only use ghosting as a last resort and you give warnings. Idon’t know really how the warnings would be like but if there’s a log or something then it’s good. Like that you can take a screenshot to prove the warning.

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I fully support this idea. The behavior on the expert server has just gotten worse and worse especially in uncontrolled airfields. Here is a perfect example: I was departing from PHNL on Unicom, seeing a dash halfway on downwind for the same runway, 08L. Expecting him to at least use a third of the ILS cone (given that he is in a regional aircraft not a Cessna), l line up and begin takeoff roll. Then, the Dash suddenly turns right at the threshold of the runway. He also divebombs from 1000 feet just to make the runway in time. This is unacceptable, especially on the expert server and if I was given the power to ghost I easily would have.


I think this is a great idea.
One of the issues with only ATC being able to Ghost is noticeable especially when in flight with IFATC members, moreso when you have to contact another IFATC to ask about ghosting. That means the IFATC member has to report they are opening **** to ghost a player, and by that time there is no point.
I wouldn’t just restrict this to expert either, I believe it could also be implemented for TS1. pilot’s have the chance to learn the ropes on casual, there is no reason they should still be trolling.
Obviously, as mentioned well JackBot (i.e @Balloonchaser) it would be better if this was restricted to more responsible members (not that I’m saying there are irresponsible IFATC members).
In full support.

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I left out TS1 simply because expert controllers cannot hop on there and ghost a pilot and leave.

The restrictions I proposed is 6 months of IFATC Specialist(That’s a long time for trolls) or IFATC Officer(Trust me approach is tough). This is a strict requirement and it kind of leaves out trolls. Also this is like the “base requirement” for it, same with IFC forum regular, mods can give the function to some good performing IFATC or take away the function for some irresponsible ones.

Remember to leave a vote :)

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While IFAE is a great group and we have the best pilots, we’re not a group that should get special privileges just because we are a group of expert pilots and our training requirements are a lot too get in. We have well over 100 members and did you know have are controllers in IFATC. So either we can ghost someone for misbehaving of we’re controlling