Allowance for making videos

Dear Infinite Flight Community,
I have a doubt on which I would, if possible, ask for clearance. It concernes making videos of flights on Infinite Flight and then posting them on Youtube.

I have recently had the idea of shooting and editing a video of a flight of mine and put it on YouTube, but I am worried about whether it is allowed or not. I would therefore ask if an authorisation is required by the developers in order to do so.

Thank you very much for your help and sorry for the disturb,

Giacomo Barra

No authorization is required:-) People post Infinite Flight photos and videos all the time without any trouble.

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So I can freely preapre my video and then just public it?

I’ve done that many times, yes you can :)

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Then thank you very much indeed for your help!

Lol yes just don’t copy right and take their video or anyone else video without their consent

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