Allow standard users to fly between regions

This would be a great addition. I have tons of regions I’d like to fly between but IF doesn’t allow me 😔

I think the free review is fine, if you want to play you gotta pay


TBH there isn’t a free version. The app costs £5 and to not be able to fly between regions is ridiculous.

The price to have scenery in the whole globe is expensive, so they can’t afford to let ‘free’ users fly the whole globe.

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This doesn’t make much sense to me. If you don’t pay then you shouldn’t be able to fly between regions. I think the whole point of paying is to be able to fly to and from long distances.


I mean to fly between regions the users own. Not the entire world, just between the ones bought pre Pro and the regions that come with the app when you buy.

Yeah but still you can’t really fly offline in general which is dumb they could bring the tile system back and take small few mile strips of scenery and allow it to be flyable offline

I already paid for the app when I purchased it on the first place, and again when I bought map packs.

There are regions that overlap eachother, allowing you to fly between them.

I agree - I’d like to be able to download maps again. And be able to fly between the regions I own.

Don’t think so - tried to fly from Amsterdam to London but as soon as I got out of a region it cut my throttle.

You can do this if you intersect the regions at the point. This will not be implemented any further otherwise it is essentially free global flight (: