Allow specific people to edit topics

First of all, I know that a member can make their topic a wiki, which allows other members to edit. However, a VA/Organization may not be able to use this feature if some of their members are not TL3 (is that the right one?). The reason allowing for CERTAIN people chosen by the topic creator is for other members of a VA/Organization to be able to add people to the event without having to wait for the topic creator to respond (also typos qnd updates). I don’t feel as there is much of a issue regarding maturness and vandalism of a topic if the topic creator allows just someone they trust to do it.


No TL4 are Moderators TL3 are Regulars so TL3 is the right one

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You should request that on the Discourse Meta community. :)


Ok. Thanks for the info. Lemme change that.

Ok, so then I assume it’s nothing FDS can do.

Nope, unfortunately not. FDS is using Discourse, a civilized discussion platform for communities like this one.

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Ok, thanks. I will swiftly drop a feature request on their forum.

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Thanks, AIDoLS!