Allow New Users to PM

Recently, I’ve seen a large amount of “I cannot PM.” in the IFATC recruiting topic. I believe this can be avoided by allowing new users to PM. We have explain why new users cannot PM to a lot of users, and I believe it just wastes time.

What are your thoughts?

I don’t think mods can change that. isn’t it just a discourse thing.

I think this is so randoms can’t just join and then send people links to sus websites

Moderators can’t change the forum settings, but admins can.

It’s extremely easy to get to TL1. Right now the minimum required to PM is set to 2 I think. Admins (such as Philippe and Matt) would be able to change the site settings. This would make more sense because I’m also seeing a lot of “please PM me about recruiting because I can’t PM you”.

EDIT: After recent insight from Carson, apparently it is currently set to TL1. But I do know that Philippe changed some settings that made it more difficult to advance in Trust Level.