Allow for Entry of GPS Coordinates With DDMMss Format

Currently, we can only enter GPS coordinates with a precision of DDMM, which works just fine for waypoints mid-flight. However, with the advent of RNP approaches and Other situations where more precision is needed, it would be nice to be able to add seconds into the mix.

(This would also keep GPS waypoints used to replace waypoints that aren’t in the sim more exact, whereas currently, what should be a straight line along an airway becomes an unrealistic jagged jog left or right before returning to the airway.)

For an example of what I’m talking about with RNP approaches, I’ve used the RNP approach to 12L at KSTL:

(via ForeFlight)

As you can see, each of those dots is used to guide along the arc of the turn, but it requires a precision we can’t achieve in IF. Without seconds, 7 or 8 or 9 pesudo waypoints may only actually be 2 or 3 different sets of coordinates in the current format, and the likelihood they actually form an arc virtually nil.

I recognize these account for only a tiny sliver of flight time in toto, but it would certainly make for much smoother flight plans around intercept, providing the ability to utilize a growing number of IAPs with the precision demanded of RWA flight.

I’m not sure what, if any, limitations may simply be inherent in the map, and I realize that’s a possibility. But, if the map structure doesn’t provide an obstacle, adding in seconds would be a welcome addition.

(I had this drafted prior to announce,ents regarding the new map. That may change things, but I will go ahead and post anyway since it’s still saved as a draft.)

You get my vote on that, Tim. This would be really useful when it comes to navigation, and it would save lots of time converting the different formats.

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That’s a very interesting feature request and would certainly be a great addition as you could actually Programm RNP procedures (Something I never even thought of before). Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

This feature request gets my vote and bump.
It will be useful while making a precision approach or any RNP approach.

Fully supporting this feature ! I need it and of course you got my vote

It’s a bit later but this would be an excellent improvement… I like to set up sightseeing FPLs, and this would allow setting exact target locations as well as landing runway position waypoints for all those uncontrolled places.

Hello! This is a old feature request and right now we have a third party website called If flightplan tools and it can be used to enter custom waypoints! Even automatic holding patterns

You can even enter co ords as DMS should you wish

Thanks Adam for making such a great tool! Also love your FPLTOIF

This has failed for me every time. I cannot get ddmmss waypoints to work at all.