Allow controllers to select runway number color

I know the runway green/red numbers are supposed to be wind direction aids, but it gets frustrating controlling airports where the numbers are green on all runways. Despite specific instructions, some pilots just do what ever they want.

The colors would be a useful visual tool for controllers to communicate instruction intentions well in advance of aircraft entering their airspace (kind of like a pseudo ATIS). If toggling the red/green is not an option, maybe other colors could be added.


Maybe on advanced, but probably not playground. I can see it easily getting abused by some playground controllers. It would be most helpful during a runway change. Also when there are no winds and all runways would otherwise be green, you could select the only the runways currently in use to be green. But nice point and idea:)

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Not a bad idea. Too many occurrences of confused and uneducated pilots refusing to enter a red runway with winds well below safety limits. The color coding for wind conditions is only nice when flying to a non-towered airport.

How about just putting a big lighted X like you see the in real life for runways that are closed?

Like this thing

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I see this all the time also. Some pilots confuse the red as meaning “closed”, when really it means “wind direction is better on the other end, but this end is sill open if winds are safe and/or if your instructed to use by controller” (so to say).

Maybe not an actual X… The problem I see is that controllers established a pattern, and then someone decides they will land head on into the traffic, or go to the oncoming side of the runway and takeoff into traffic. Usually if there is a “red” runway condition, this problem is significantly reduced.

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I like that idea, to use for the closed runway. But to make a 3D structure like that…

I was also thinking this could be useful at airports that have complex real world procedures, like KASE. “Red” runways scare the uninformed pilots away from trusting the instructions.


I like the idea. Sometimes some regions have some runways that have approach paths that intersect like runways 22 and 26 in the same airport

Always check the wind. As a Singaporean here, the rules are that tailwinds of 5 knots and below are allowed, anything above, takeoff or land against the wind.

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