Allow all aircraft to have opening doors and cargo bays

With the great mods of Infinite Flight adding the moving passenger bridges, I think it’s only right to add a feature that allows all commercial passenger and cargo planes, so you can open and close Doors, windows and cargo bays, ABIT like all the actions you get on the 757-200.

Obviously if it’s not possible then that’s fare enough

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If you’re referring to animated passenger doors, cargo doors and windows, this has been possible on reworked planes since the B777 family. This also includes the A330-300, A330-900neo, B757-200, and A220-300.

Not to mention, I believe it should be expected that all future planes have animated doors and windows, although this is never a guarantee, so keep an eye out for updates from the developers.



The devs have stated that they intend to focus on reworks for most of the existing fleet in Infinite Flight. I think we could safely assume that those reworks will include animations like the ones you’re talking about. Just be patient! :)


Nice!! I can’t wait for that

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