Alliance - VA chaos

@dasabel100 Mind if I help with the wiki?

I run World Alliance.

Should we not also say who owns which VA?

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That might be useful!

Don’t we already have a pinned VA database?


This topic only tracks VAs and Alliances, not their status.

For example, they have Portside Airways, but it does not say that they merged with ParadiseAir.

I know, it’s a nice database but this is getting chaotic anyway.

Didn’t I set it up?

Oh, sorry. I’ll start now…

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This would make no sense since only owners of the VAs are allowed to post their VA.

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Welp, so far I got everyone who posted on this topic. Just waiting for more…

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I can see this going wrong too. People are not going to post their VA or alliance, people are going to get even more confused. There’s just no way to organize all VAs.

Except we start over, but that would create riots ;)

So, you want me to delete the whole thing? Or do it another way?

If anyone has an idea to keep all alliances and virtual airlines, while constantly being able to update them too, please let me know!

No it’s not your fault. It’s just the stupidity of people creating duplicate VAs without looking, or even duplicate alliances. There’s gonna be people ignoring this topic so we won’t get any further with this.

My plan is a website with a form that all VAs and Alliances, new and old, must complete. There it can be decided if they already exist, they’re denied.


Flybe Virtual Airlines

CEO - Dáire Brady

Please DM if any further queries. Thanks!

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Totally agree with you on this one. I am willing to assist with the website if you need any help.

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The actual only way of solving this would have to be done and enforced by the devs. Rules to create an organized environment:

  1. Nobody may be owner of multiple VAs at once. Do you wish to change airline, you must delete and deactivate the old one first.

  2. Duplicate alliances/VAs are deleted as soon as possible to avoid panic and claims.

  3. All VAs and alliances must complete a form with full information upon creation. Only after it is known that the airline is not a duplicate, they may start.

  4. Only VAs with a certain number of pilots (10+ for example) are allowed to create VA events etc.

  5. You may not be staff of multiple VAs at once. This does not count for Alliances or VA Checking organizations.

  6. A maximum of 100 VAs and 10 alliances may be active. If you’re number 101, you’ll have to wait for a spot to become available.

I know it’s impossible to enforce it.


Listing VA’s isn’t going to stop the chaotic events happening right now. Many different iterations of the same real-world VA can exist, and many different Alliances can exist. The best thing to with this chaos is to let it settle itself.

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I guess so…