Alliance livery redesigns

Hey guys, I’m back with these series. Today, I’ve redesigned the liveries of the three most popular alliances. My personal favorite is the Star Alliance 787 one. But the Oneworld was the hardest. Now here is why, Usually, Oneworld keeps the airline’s tail and replaces the fuselage text with the “Oneworld” logo. Now I done the oposite. That meant not only that I had to Design a beautiful tail, I had to perfect the Cathay Pacific livery. Now it was a bit hard, but I made my closest match. Enjoy!
ANA Star Alliance Boeing 787-9

Cathay Pacific Oneworld Airbus A350-900

Delta Skyteam Boeing 737-900ER

Which one do you like best?

  • ANA Star Alliance Boeing 787-9
  • Cathay Pacific Oneworld Airbus A350-900
  • Delta Skyteam Boeing 737-900

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I can’t decide between the top 2.
Amazing work!

They’re pretty awesome! The OneWorld one is OK, not the greatest;)

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I like the star alliance 787 better

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Again, I love to be blunt, so, in my opinion, these are bad. :/

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I love the Star Alliance one, It would match Air New Zealand’s livery perfectly!

@anon45516261, I figured I’d join in the fun and make a slightly modified version for Air Canada!

Template Credit: JetAbout (
Star Alliance Logo Credit: Logos Download (
Air Canada Logo Credit: The Branding Source (


What software did you guys use?

I personally use GIMP for this, although I’d like to update to Photoshop in the future to do this which would make all this look a lot neater.

I use Photoshop for all my photos.

I like Star Alliance IRL, but I prefer the SkyTeam one.


What do you use photoshop on? iPad or pc

Photoshop CS6 on my laptop

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Why do you guys change the font?

In mine, only the SkyTeam one was changed. And changed fonts are changed to fit the livery better and nicer.

No offense, but atleast pick a decent font.

Give some effort, and see what happens.

The Delta one looks nice.

I agree with you, I don’t like how the color schemes.

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