Alliance Airlines E190

Just stumbled upon this livery on FR24 while looking for a flight to do. Definitely a nice livery, hopefully we see it added!


Would love to see this livery come with the E190 rework. Alliance still operates a bunch of regional routes around Australia and is used a lot for FIFO operations as well. Would be great to explore the less explored areas of Australia.


Cairns-Brisbane would be cool in it

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We definitely need this livery to come out with the E190, if I’m not mistaken the only Australian operators we have in the game currently are Qantas and this would open up a large number of routes into rural airports.

I’m not so sure if this livery is needed anymore with Qantas looking into buying out Alliance and we’ve already got the QF livery.

And also nobody knows what this airline is

I don’t see that as a problem, it’s gotten 18 votes, which isn’t breaking records but it’s pretty good for a somewhat small airline like Alliance. There are quite a few liveries in IF I’ve never seen or even heard about before. It’s popularity doesn’t really matter at all since everyone who’s voted for this livery knows who Alliance are and what they do.

Speak for yourself, many Australian aviation enthusiasts know about alliance.

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I’m just saying there are far more important airlines out there respectfully, not that I don’t think it’d be a good addition.

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And what defines a important airline exactly?

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Alliance is actually used in a variety of locations in Australia operating a lot of trips for Fly in fly out workers. Just because it’s not Qantas or Virgin or United or British Airways doesn’t mean it’s not important. This Livery is just as important as any other livery request.


Bump! It will be good to hop around Australia in this.

What is the home base airport of Alliance? Brisbane?