Alliance Airlines E190

As some of you may know, Alliance Airlines has recently received their first E190, and looks absolutely stunning, which is why I have decided to request it to be added in the next update or possible time. Drop a vote if you agree.

A photo would be cool

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Hi there!

An image would help to encourage others to take a vote! I’ve dropped one below if you’d like to add it 😄


Sorry Alex for one-upping you, I’m just that good :p

Well if you were as cool as you say you are my dear Ethan, you would have known that renders are not cool. Try to one up this then:

Source: Jorge andres solano sancho on jetphotos


I’ll go add that now.

With the E190 being announcing in the development timeline this would be an amazing addition to the fleet

Definitely going to give this a vote. This airline serves for some great regional routes within Australia, of which would be great to fly in Infinite Flight!

This has certainly got my vote and full support as well. The amount of regional routes this could service in Australia and open up more regional flights with a more diverse livery than the typical Jetstar, Virgin and especially Qantas (sorry Qantas, please don’t fire me) would be great.

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Wow I’m surprised this thread just gained activity after a year.

More than likely because the Infinite Flight team have confirmed the Embraer 175 and the Embraer 190 as the next aircraft to be reworked after the F-18 rework and us Aussies always come out in force.

We sure do!

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@Tex_B Forced me to vote for this… jk, good livery. Would be nice to see in the game.

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Love the livery! My sister flew on this a few times before. Hope to see this when the E-Jets Rework Comes