Alleviating ear pressure while descending suggestions.

Can anyone advise any ways to help with ear/head pressure while descending on a flight?
I know the common chewing gum or moving jaw around but is there something that might help with the discomfort while experiencing sinus pain while flying?

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Gently blow out through your nose while pinching your nostrils and keeping your mouth closed.

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Or for a less painful way, during takeoff and descent, I commonly chew on a piece of gum. The nose trick can be pretty painful for me.


Something that also helps me is to simply drink during the initial climb. I think it’s because of swallowing the water, but I’m unsure. It works though.

And regarding the nose-trick: Don’t wait until the pressure in your ear is to high. Then it might be painful. But if you use this trick a cohort times as a prevention throughout the initial climb, it works perfectly fine without any issues.

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Yea I’ve tried both of those ways in the past and didn’t help any. I’m more symptomatic them most because of chronic infection and sinus issues.

Tilt your head back and swallow, seems to work with me!

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Haven’t tried drinking water on ascending before, I can try that and see it helps.

In that case, I’d ask your doctor about it. Tricks might do more damage than good when you already have a condition. There are some meds that help in this situation. Better safe than sorry my friend.

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I heard that if you spin around three times, and clap your hands twice, that alleviates the pressure the best. Just kidding 😂 What @Marc mentioned about blowing through your nose works best for me.


Have You thought about sinus surgery? I’ve had it when I was a child, it helped me.

Definitely discuss with Your doctor though.

I’ve had 2 sinus surgery’s in the last 2 year’s and am due for another now. They both worked good but am due for another now. Am needing to fly before my surgery date though so I thought I’d see if there’s any ideas I haven’t tryed in the past.

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I was spinning around after my 3rd drink on my last flight. That helped mentally.😉

Ya, that’ll definitley do it. It is always 5 O’clock when your on a flight.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I like using the swallowing method where you literally just swallow all the time

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Yawning helps a lot. Difficult to yawn when not sleepy though…

Since sinus infections/congestion exacerbates clogging of ears during descent, over-the-counter nasal decongestant spray can be used a few minutes before the beginning of descent. Ever tried that?

Otherwise, swallowing and puffing the mouth and blowing through the pinched nose (called the valsalva maneuver) like mentioned above are basics and should do the job for most people.

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I have never tried that, but that sounds like the next best method that could possibly help.

Past recent experiences flying have resulted in near to normal conditions while ascending and at cruising altitude.

It’s while the decent is happening all the way to exiting the aircraft has been difficult/painful at times.

Thanks for the tip!

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Where is wikiHow when you need it?

Also, if no one else has said it. Chew a nice piece of gum.

That won’t work in my case. I need advanced methods.