Allegiant's New Las Vegas Raiders Scheme @ KLAS

This photo is in no way to my usual standards, mainly because my camera’s battery died and I had to use my iPhone. So for a brief and very rare moment, I rejoined the Phone Spotter Gang.

Allegiant had N328NV fly from Victorville to Las Vegas today, I’d initially thought it was either there for maintenance, or, a repaint into their new scheme. Turns out it was a new special livery!

A little video if you want to watch it on it’s approach.


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Bills are better than the Raiders.

But that special livery looks amazing

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Normalize checking your camera battery before you leave the house


Steelers are better than both the Raiders

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I saw that

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I was in classes so my dad took my camera with him in the truck and ended up accidentally turning it on this morning.

in replies to @AndrewWu, not rock-oh

Please keep this on topic no more football talk

Best photo of yours ever. Very high quality 10/10.

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Nah we all know the Cleveland Browns are the best team. 💪

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Saints fan here, till we lost our QB, I dislike the Raiders but atleast their livery for Allegiant is descent haha


Thats a nice livery, but they’re gonna lose to my ravens week 1

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Football is on topic…

Amazing shot Kamryn, probably the best photo of yours I’ve seen. 🤡


Who’s house? Rams house.

if only my photos were such high quality😪

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Wow, such a rare sighting! Can’t even find a pic on google! :)

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I currently have the only photo other then probably the ground crew at LAS or VCV lol

I did see someone else taking phone photos of it on the ground at the Panevino restaurant

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Cool livery colors (or lack of colors) and nice photo @ItsBlitz!

ew, raiders

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Daaaaaaa Bears

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i dk why but it remindes me of JetStar

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Yes I kind of does look like the same shade of silver