AllegiantAir’s Tour of the United States of America!

Greetings all! I will be attempting to fly all across the U.S in a zig zag pattern! I will be attempting to visit all 48 mainland states in the U.S! And what makes it so unique is that I will be recording every leg, and uploading it to YouTube, for you all to see! I have already flown the first leg, which was KSAN - KSNA! I will be flying to KSJC via KSNA tomorrow morning! After my flight to KSJC I plan on heading up to either Portland or Seattle, and heading over to Boise, and back down to Phoenix after visiting 3 - 4 other airports! It should be very fun and I hope you all tag along by either tracking me, watching my vids, or just visiting this thread every so often!

If this goes well I will possibly plan tours of other continents/countries! Thanks for reading and see you all in the skies!


I will also be putting all my flights onto a my FR24 account, so I can see all the journeys and places I’ve visited during this trip!

Nice idea, could you stick in a drop down menu of your route? Would be great if folk knew where you were planning to fly so they could maybe join you and get a starring role in your clips!


Hope to see you in KBDL (Conneticut) some time!


I haven’t planned out the whole trip, just really going day by day lol

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I plan to visit Connecticut at the end of the trip 😉

Go Connecticut!
Best State in America
Maybe not
You’ll see

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First leg of the tour is now done and on YouTube! Second leg will hopefully be done in a day or two!

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If you fly on TS1, I’ll be happy to escort your flight in Connecticut

Ok I saw this 9 days ago when you posted but I keep seeing it. I was about to do ut myself before seeing you posted it on the same day I thought id do it 😂

KBUF a possible stop? I will fly the next leg if you stop in Buffalo!

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