AllegiantAir’s ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED

This is my tracking thread for when I am opening up ATC! When I am open the title above will say “[Open] @ ICAO” when I open I will post on the thread, along with the Metar and Airport Diagram. See you then!

Just an FYI, I should be opening up in about 1 to 2 hours

Im about 2 hours from RJAA on TS1, if you’re looking for suggestions!

  • KDSM
  • KMDW
  • KMKE
  • KOMA
  • KMCI

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These are the ideas for when I open later.

Now Open: KOMA

METAR: KOMA 140252Z 17005KT 10SM CLR M01/M03 A3015


I should be open for around 30 minutes! Hope to see you there!

Edit: Have to leave early, as Infinite Flight is being Fingy with me right now😔😦

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Now open at PHOG!

METAR: 142154Z 21024G32KT 10SM FEW050 SCT080 29/19 A2992

Should be open for about 30 minutes, so come on down!

Edit: Dumb troll messed me up, taxing through grass and spamming ground to taxi to parkimg

VOHS is now open! Come on by for some great ATC!

Only gonna be open for another 15 minutes! Haven’t seen much traffic down here yet!

I’ll come and fly some patterns if you’re still around? I opened LFMN but no traffic for 30 mins!

@AllegiantAir you still open? I can come now

I closed up shop for now, but I can do ATC in about an hour if that’s ok with you?
@RTG113 @Liam_Smart

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Hey! Are you open? Because if not, you forgot to change your title.

Good Day, SouthernDude

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