@AllegiantAir ATC Practice/Tracking Thread @KSSC [Closed]

Since I can no longer edit my older topic, I think a new one would be necessary. So come on out to KSSC and do some pattern work! Feedback is appreciated!


Remember… sequence, sequence, sequence! :) Also, no need to tell me I was in an active airspace when I took off from KSMS; what if I wasn’t flying to KSSC? I’ll give you my full opinion after this session, just wanted to let you know to sequence.


Now closed thanks to everyone that came!

Well, that session was short lived lol. I understand though as some nimrod couldn’t follow simple instructions… anyways! :)

You did pretty well but there are definitely improvements to be made. 1.) If I take off from an airport within your airspace, there is no need to try and get a hold of me. If anything, I could’ve been departing East away from KSSC. If my intentions were to go to your airport, I would’ve simply switched to your frequency. I then asked for a transition, 3,000 ft is good, it keeps me higher than traffic in the pattern so good job there. 2.) When I call inbound for touch and goes, or landing, it’s vital that you sequence me. I didn’t know the active runway when I called inbound so you should’ve notified of that before you cleared me. And this brings me to my next point. 3.) If I’m calling inbound for touch and goes, you should probably tell me which direction traffic is going. This means that when you cleared me for the option, you should’ve said “after the option, make left (or right) traffic.” This lets the pilot know which way to turn after they do the touch and go. Luckily I kinda knew I would have to turn right so I did that.

Overall, good session just a couple things to improve on. đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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Sooty about those mistakes, hopefully I get em fixed by my next session, thx for the feedback!

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