Allegiant Virtual Official Thread | Hibernation Until Summer | Paradise Is Here!

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Welcome To The Official Thread For Allegiant Virtual

A Little About Us | Our Routes | Careers At Allegiant Virtual

Let Us Introduce Ourselves
Hello! Welcome to Allegiant Virtual! Our virtual airline is based on the American Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier Allegiant Air. Here at Allegiant Virtual, we aim to be professional, realistic, friendly, and fun! We always are always focused on providing amazing service and professionalism, as it is the backbone of our airline. We were founded on January 2, 2018, but did not commence operations until February 4, 2018. We are here to give everyone in our airline an extraordinary experience and hopefully grow into a major airline on Infinite Flight. If you are looking for a relaxed but professional & realistic airline, then Allegiant Virtual is the choice for you!

About Us

Our Amazing Staff

Chief Executive Officer: @Vietnam_Virtual
Chief Operating Officer: @CJLAviation
Head Of Internal Affairs: Vacant
Head Of Public Relations: Vacant
Chief Pilot: Vacant
Human Resources Manager: Vacant
For all Vacant positions, Please PM @Vietnam_Virtual

Our Fleet

We have the most renowned aircraft, for the most renowned airline. Our fleet consists of Airbus’ and Boeing’s.

  • Boeing 757-200 Long Haul
  • Airbus A320 Medium Haul
  • Airbus A319 Short Haul
Our Routes

We have an extensive amount of routes from our “Focus Cities” and destinations. We fly routes that our real-world counterpart flies. (Allegiant Air) Use the link below to view our routes.
Our Routes - Allegiant Virtual IF

Mission Statement

Us here at Allegiant Virtual aim to provide the most excellent customer service with a handful of destinations. We are proud to have our staff and we wish to improve by surveying the community and researching new ways to become a better airline. We are always focused on finding new ways to maximize our airline’s potential.


Pilot’s Corner
The Pilot’s Corner is where all of our dedicated sheets and forms are filled out by pilots. In the future, we hope to upgrade the system to make it easier for our pilots to log flights and get access to more things that’ll help them fly and things for their enjoyment.

Our Ranking System & Class Points

Class 1: Less than 400NM
Route Classes
Class 2: 401NM-600NM
Class 3:601NM-1200NM
Class 4: 1201NM-2500NM
Class 5: More than 2500NM
Class # corresponds with how many points a route is worth.
Our Ranking System
0 Flight Points Required
Junior First Officer
5 Flight Points Required
First Officer
15 Flight Points Required
Senior First Officer
30 Flight Points Required
55 Flight Points Required
Senior Captain
75 Flight Points Required
ATP First Officer
100 Flight Points Required
ATP Captain
150 Flight Points Required
ATP Senior Commander
300 Flight Points Required


Our website is constantly updating making it more appealing and attractable. We are always looking into ways how to make our website simplified and appealing at the same time. Allegiant Virtual focuses on being realistic and we strive to do that. If you are considering to join our family, visit our website and apply today! We are happy to welcome any newcomers with open arms and we make their transition into our VA as smoothly and friendly as possible.

There are no current events at this time. We are in the progress of making one at this time.

Wow! You’ve made it! Pat yourself on the back for reading this whole thread. Interested in joining Allegiant Virtual? Do so by clicking here. We are constantly evolving, adding new features for realism or for simplicity while having fun while doing it. Questions? Concerns? Or Wanna Stop By And Say Hi? Don’t hesitate to ask by a PM to our executives, contact form, Or a comment below (recommended for saying hi). We hope to see you in the Allegiant Family soon because Paradise Is Here!

Before You Ask, We are IFVARB certified. We have received proper authorization from IFVARB staff before making this thread.

All logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Allegiant Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real Allegiant Air.


At this time Allegiant Virtual is under reforms! This means completed routes, a new website, a new brand! We are still accepting applicants but be advised that it will be a slow process! Thank you for stopping by and remember “Paradise Is Here!” at Allegiant Virtual!


Sounds like a great VA!
Best of luck to you all :)

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Thank you very much!


Best of luck! Looks like a great VA!

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Thank you very much!


If @AllegiantAir hasn’t joined yet, you might want to get on him about it :)

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@AllegiantAir and I have talked about this VA when it was in the middle of the certification process and I think that it is a 50/50 shot of him joining it. At least from the outskirts.


We are looking for staff @everyone! If you are interested, please contact me.

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As @Delta_Alpha_Lima said, I’m 50/50 on joining, if this VA gains many pilots in the future I will think about joining, but until then, I am going to be helping out my VA’s as much as possible

Good luck though!


Thank you very much!

This VA looks AMAZING! I have always wanted an Allegiant VA!

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Thank You Very Much!!

We are in need of staff!! Please PM @Vietnam_Virtual if you are interested!

A little surprised you guys aren’t using the 717 (generic) as a fill in for the md80 that serves Toledo and some other cities

Yeah, we were thinking about using the 717 but stuck to the planes that are currently in the game.


I’m a little late to the party but nice VA! Like the thread, website everything

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Hello, This is the CEO of Allegiant Virtual, we are still accepting applicants but it will be a slow process. Applicants should be reviewed shortly. We are sorry for the delay.

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Hello, Today, I am announcing that Allegiant Virtual will be under reform and hibernation until May 21. In the mean time, we’ll be looking for applicants and will be rebuilding our airline with a new website and more routes! Thank you for your time and we hope to be back soon.

Sincerely, Vietnam_Virtual

Would the A319 be the medium haul? Since it flys further?🧐

Is this VA active? It looks like you would have been open a month ago.

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