Allegiant Virtual Event Pictures

As the CEO of this awesome VA that recently launched me and several other people hopped in an A320 from Orlando to San Juan! Here are some pictures!

They are posted on my Instagram Akm’s Aviation!

Stay safe y’all!

PS: Do not discuss joining this VA through the forum, do it via PM. Thanks.

*Server: Training Server*
*Aircraft: Allegiant A320*
*Flight time: 2:30*
*Cruising Alt: 35.000*

I think this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

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Sorry, I just woke up! I wasn’t really focused! I still hope you enjoyed the pics!


I’ve never really taken much notice of the Allegiant livery but it actually looks kinda cool in that second picture with that background

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I know! I’m not sure if it’s a sunrise or sunset.

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Wow this is really a beautiful sight

I know! It’s simply gorgeous! I even put the terrain as my wallpaper! 😎

Tavel is our deal 🟠🔵. Nice picture Allegiant is one of my favorite liveries

Thanks! I know they’re lit! 🔥

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Awesome! One of my favorite too!

This is awesome! I never saw the event thread though 🤔

We have just applied for IFVARB so we’re waiting…

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That would explain it.

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