Allegiant to retire 757-200s in 2017, begin MD-80 retirements


Good job Delta you are now the only major US airline to not announce a retirement plan (Rather ane xtension plan) for your MD-88s and cvtd ex-MD-82s and are on tack to be the last major airline to fly the Mad Dogs. Lots of respect.

Really gotta go to an Allegiant hub to get me some photos of MD-82s and MD-83s soon…


Thats sad.

Good job delta!!

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Go to ksfb the only planes that go there are Sr-22s and c172s and the aay md-80s

Wait, the Boeing 757 OH MY GOD 😥

Never really worked out well for Allegiant

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Basically, yes (PGB, SFB, MYR, LAS, a couple others)

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What will they switch to after the 757’s and md-80 are gone?

Airbus A320’s. They’re having a slightly new livery put on them too!

Ok thank you

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Allegiant is replacing all its Boeing and MD aircrafts with Airbus A320, I’m happy about that one.

I really need to fly on one of these.

So now JetBlue and Allegiant will be the only US carriers with no Boeing aircraft?

I think so!

Dang :( i guess the 737 might be a bit overboard in comparison of the a320. :((


Spirit too.

They also use A319s now.

For Delta are the MD’s perfect i think.