Allegiant: The good, The bad and The ugly

Allegiant… an airline with a reputation of a not so good airline in the USA. Today I had no choice but to fly this airline from Missoula back to Los Angeles. Join me as I give a full trip report on my experience with this airline.

Once on board, it was very easy to tell that this aircraft screams Allegiant. There is the logo on the overhead compartments, the TV when you walk in, on your seat and other places.

The seat was not somewhat comfortable, it felt more like a seat in the terminal. There was a small tray and no pockets to hold any small belongings. It made it a little hard to store smaller things because they would have to go in between seats. The seat also had one of the smallest arm rests I have ever seen.

Takeoff was quick without any delays because we were one of two aircraft departing for the hour. Allegiant did not offer any Wi-Fi from what I could understand.

Once we got to cruising the flight crew began service. All good and drinks needed to be purchased. I didn’t purchase anything so I can’t really give a food review this time however they did have a lot of snack options (Doritos, Lays, Ruffles, Tostitos, etc.) so I’ll definitely give them credit for a large variety.

The bathroom floor was very sticky and the lighting was dark and yellow. There was a bunch of tape in almost every crevice.

What made this flight more iconic was there was one of the most common airplane stereotypes on board, but x3. There was three crying babies on board and they would basically cry one after the other which made that a whole lot more fun.

The landing was pretty smooth, then again the A320 is an easy plane to butter. We taxied to the new satellite terminal and deboarded the plane.

Overall Review:

Topic Rating
Seat: 4/10
Food: 2/10
Service: 6/10
Landing: 8/10
Total: 20/40

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Awesome Review.

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Jeb Brooks has massive competition
Amazing report! Hope the storm chasing was worth it

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Thank you.

Definitely not the best airline out there, but you get what you pay for. Also the “tape” in the bathroom are security seals which are placed to make sure no one tampers with panels in the lavatories. :)


Oh I thought that was like the engines with spirit

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At least the landing wasn’t Ryanair


Yeah true.

Nice review of Allegiant. I’ll make note to try and avoid them.

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Were the tray tables all worn out and unstable? Had this happen on a Cebu Pacific flight once, seems like low cost airlines don’t like to take care of their tray tables from my experience 😂

No but the person behind me had an unstable tray table lol

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