Allegiant Retires MD-80

Aww, gonna miss the maddogs. Used to fly them every week from Las Vegas to Santa Maria for my parent’s work, and my friend of 7 years is the daughter of one of the crew members that flew me on those routes. Got to know a lot of amazing people on them but I know it’s time for em to go. They have been a little off with safety checks and sorts but you know, what comes around must go.


Oh whoops, somehow missed that. Sorry :)

All of the A&P’s I know that work on the Allegiant MD’s are thrilled that they’re leaving. I can’t imagine the headache that must come from maintaining those old birds.

As an Allegiant customer, I’m happy to see these birds go


For an observer it’s sad to see these aircraft go. In Europe they’re are basically non-existent in airlines fleets. But for passengers the A319s must be an improvement in comfort.

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This is what the company needed its for the better as the MDs were a headache to deal with (the company maintenance issues are bad enough) but i read numerous reports on issues Allegiant has had with the MDs hopefully the 319s bring better for the company


Dang, gonna miss the sounds of the JT8D spooling up and roaring down the runway, it’s for the best though.


The MDs put up a good fight 16 years is a lot to take on.I guess the MDs could take it anymore.

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I will remember the MD-80. It’s one of the last airlines that fly the MD-80 in America.

The thing about the MD-80 though is that I’ve flown it once when I was 7 and it was so loud. I sat near the back but I heard the front is the quietest. Also, since the aircraft was old, the seats were actually ripped in some parts.

Although the MD-80 is seems great, in my opinion, it was a 2/5 Aircraft. I wish they made a newer MD-80 that was quieter and less dangerous because Allegiant had many incidents with the MD-80. I do think it was a good choice for Allegiant to switch to Airbus A319’s and A320’s though because there safer and more newer.

My brother also flies that airline every time he visits from Peoria, Illinois to Las Vegas. But he said it’s a bad aircraft so instead he switched to Southwest for the past 2 years.

Anyways, farewell Allegiant MD-80. 😕


The MD-88 is extremely safe, it’s the operator, alligent that’s the problem. You never notice how delta hasn’t had a MD-88 crash (that’s their fault)

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That’s why they made the MD-90, and then the 717. (:

Too bad to see another company with MadDogs go. One of my favorite liveries on it.

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