Allegiant on 60 minutes facts and opinions.

Seriously the footage of the aircraft landing early on in that documentary explains all 🤦

I think they’re probably exaggerating a bit. I’m confident the authorities will look into it and no disaster will happen.

I went from lex-sfb and I had a RyanAir landing

Coming back, we were on an MD-83 and I felt like we were gonna die. I’m surprised we didn’t divert or something went wrong…

Whenever my parents tried to fly Allegiant, I always was highly resentful and told them they weren’t an airline with the best track record. It doesn’t surprise me that Allegiant had the record they do. Honestly it makes me nervous that they don’t take care of these aircraft that are second, third and even fourth handed, (it refers to how many airlines have owned a jet), not up to the way these should be treated. I get it half the fleet is old and should be retired, and their could be other reasons behind it, but still isn’t a good enough excuse to say, the safety of your employees and passengers should always come first. And if you can’t maintain that and the maintenance of your aircraft, then there are some serious issues. I think if they don’t take care of these aircraft the way they should, then Allegiant is a serious disaster waiting to happen.

Yah, sure there maintenance record is pretty bad, but they have not lost a single passenger on one of there flights in there entire history of being an airline. That’s all I have to say. Good day

The problem is they haven’t lost a passenger yet


The FAA said that they’ll look into it when they are asked to. Which means they probably won’t just look at it unless someone says something

They have had a lot of close calls. From the 60 min program, there was an incident where the pilot chose to abort takeoff due to the controls not handling properly. Experts determined afterwards if he hadn’t aborted, the plane would have crashed.

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