Allegiant Flight Flies through Hurricane Florence


Now, most airlines would naturally ground their flights when there is some serious bad weather in the way, but at Allegiant Airlines, they will make sure you get to your destination…even if it means flying through a hurricane.

Allegiant flight 2283 was enroute to Sanford, Florida, from Bangor, Maine. The flight path was directly through the heart of Florence, but instead of flying around it, the pilot chose to save fuel and time by going straight through. Flight history available on FlightAware.

The clouds were as tall as 40,000 to 45,000 feet, meaning that the MD-80 likely had a turbulent ride. The Hurricane Hunters usually only fly around 200 miles per hour into a storm because there is fear of the turbulence ripping the plane apart.

Funny thing is that the flight made it to its destination earlier than planned!

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Ouch, that must be hard to go through. There was probably some severe turbulence.


well that’s G4 in a nutshell. they do whatever they can to save money, from poor maintenance to flying through hurricanes. lol


I just feel sorry for the passengers. Plus, the MD-80 isn’t the most reliable plane at its age.


The A320 would’ve been more suitable.


I’m just happy they made it lol… if the plane had crashed… idk who would travel allegiant 😂😂


Winds are only nasty in a few areas. While wind isn’t a measure of turbulence the relationship is there. As long as they didn’t go right over the eye I can’t imagine it being horrific.


Well… cheers to the pilots then!

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As long as nothing bad happened to the plane and onboard, it should be fine. Maybe bad turbulence but every pilot and some passengers go through that.

Why is this a story? A dispatch team, captain and FO, who all have more experience than all of us, looked at the factors involved and made a decision within the parameters of safe operation.

Furthermore, the author of the article does not back up this “bumpy ride” with any evidence. No mention of actual reported wind speeds, AIRMETs, or other published reasons to not take that route. Also, comparing an MD80 to a C130 is ludicrous.


Yikes. Hopefully the passengers were okay

Never flying Allegiant! Hope the passengers are okay and return with JetBlue!

Also adding on to my post.

My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected in any way by Hurricane Florence. We know the devastation that it brought was major and we all are praying for you guys. Be Careful and Stay Safe!


This is why their planes are always broken 😂


Reminds me of the delta pilot who flew out of San Juan? (Maybe Puerto Rico :/ ) when Irma was about to hit it

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I would’ve loved to have been on this flight! I love turbulence. (Yes I’m weird)

I was thinking that too! Although I have to say that the Delta flight was more heroic than this one. 😂

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ah yes the eye,… not like its the calmest part of the storm … ?

Which is also followed by the deadliest. I must say being in the eye of a storm is very unsettling. (From personal experience)

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This isn’t the first time an aircraft has flown through a hurricane. Remember that flight that threaded the needle and flew between a tiny clear area? Plus it is only a tropical storm now with about 60 - 75 mph winds. Do I think they should of went around , yes. Do I think this needs national attention, no.