Allegiant Boeing 737 MAX 8-200


Allegiant is an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier in the United States that does a mix of scheduled and charter flights. At the beginning of 2022, Allegiant ordered 50 Boeing 737 Max jets, ranging from the Max 7 and Max 8-200. In October of 2023, Allegiant added 80 additional options for the jet. In 2024, the first Allegiant Max 8-200, a high-density version of the 737 Max 8, was spotted at the Boeing field. The Allegiant Max 8-200 is set to serve over 40 cities later in 2024. If you want this great livery to come to Infinite Flight, please vote for it!

Very nice looking livery.

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Definitely. The Allegiant livery is underappreciated


The sun rise on the tail really goes well with this new chapter for them. The return to Boeing aircraft

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Who knew that the Allegiant livery would work so well for the Max

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Victory bump! The 737 Max 8 has won the competition to be the next aircraft after the C208 to be added to Infinite Flight! I will continue to provide updates on when we get better images and when these aircraft enter service

This request is closed because the MAX 8-200 model isn’t confirmed at the moment, and therefore does not meet the following guidelines: