Allegiant Air Virtual

I am looking to start Allegiant Air Virtual!
Unfortunately, my old IFC account got hacked and I had to create a new one :(
So currently working on obtaining a higher trust level to apply for the Virtual Airline Organization. Wondering if anyone would be interested in joining Allegiant Air Virtual once I get it up and running. It appears there once was an Allegiant Virtual but It was abandoned…


If everything goes well and this “Allegiant virtual” Is approved, I would certainly join as a pilot

I and some friends are creating a new VA if you need any tips


Good luck on your project and I hope you start your VA!

Treasure hunt 11.



Thank you! I’ll keep in touch with you when I begin the application process!

he is the COO of my VA in approval currently, applied a good two weeks ago, not in review yet


Could I help you make the airline
I would love to be a staff member of a COO chief operating officer

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Hi there!
I will definitely keep you in my back pocket to have first dibs on that position.
Looking like Allegiant Air Virtual will be approved soon. Due to rules and regulations from IFVARB, I cannot recruit anyone until we are fully approved.

This is incorrect. Once you are in review you may post in the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

Thank you for that information.
Seems like I was told misinformation by many other people.

I can confirm that VA’s are indeed allowed to recruit staff while in the application process. They are actually encouraged to do so. Just make sure to use the thread listed above.

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Do you have discord

Has so I’m rank 2 but I’m only 1 hour away and I had to get a new infinite flight account

Please check your PM.

I didn’t get any

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