Allegiant Air VA! Infinite Flight is Our Deal!



Welcome to Allegiant Virtual! We are a VA that is based at Las Vegas International Airport! If you love flying to vacation hotspots from smaller class Charlies, then you will love flying with us! So if you’re looking to get away from those massive class bravos, then you should definitely join!

FLEET: Our Fleet here at Allegiant consists of some of the best aircraft in the sim! We operate from a range of small regional aircraft, like the B717 (MD-90), all the way up to the B757! Our total fleet consists of the B717, A319, A320 and the B757.

ROUTES: With our routes, you will never be bored! We have many different types of routes that you can fly! From adventures down to Mexico, to regular flights from your hometown! We also fly special routes only VA slack members will be able to fly! Sounds like fun? Well join today!

RANKS: Our Rank system for Allegaint consists of lower hour times, so our pilots have the option to fly any aircraft they want! Our ranks go by as below!

0 hours: B717 (MD-90)
10 hours: A319, A320
50 hours: B757

COMMUNICATIONS: Other than our Website and the IFC, we use Slack to communicate with our pilots. We feel that slack is a very professional app that is easily accessible for all! Our slack link is above, but you can only join if you’re a certified member of Allegaint!

STAFF Staff here at Allegiant is currently still in the works. So far, I am really the only official staff member for the VA, but we are always looking for new members! If you want to become staff, please PM me!

WANT TO JOIN? Want to join us?! If you do, please click here, fill out the google form, and wait for a response! We should hopefully get back to you within 24 hours! Thanks!

We would love to have you onboard! If you consider, please check our requirements out on our Website to make sure you’re eligible to fly with us! Thanks in advance, and can’t wait to see you in the skies


Congrats on the new thread and staff change! Funny to see AllegiantAir himself take over haha. Good luck guys!


Very interested, can you confirm if the routes are limited to certain airframes?

Do you utilise crew centre or similar?

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Nope, you can fly any route with any aircraft. As far as crew centers go, we are currently interested in making one, but are waiting to see if all goes well before making one


I know this seems like a very early announcement, but I have come up with a deal that I think could help us! So for the first week of operations, we are going to allow our pilots to fly any aircraft they want! Basically there are no ranks this week! What’s even better is that you can also log these flights! So what are you waiting for! Join Allegiant Virtual Today!

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No Pittsburgh Focus City? JK, looks good. Might apply.

Best of Luck you guys!

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But I would not be opposed to that being added… 😂

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Hmm 🤔 we might some day! 😉

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is there any staff positions available

Currently staff positions are not available, but hopefully they will be soon!


ok thank you and I would be happy to help when they come available

First Event is now out!

Looks interesting im thinking about applying

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Looks great! I told you though already Allegiant, that route database it outdated.

Nice ,hope u guys have a great future with this VA
I’d PM @Kyle.r24 cause he can’t get enough of allegiant lol

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Yes ik, I am currently working on an updated list of routes

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I applied yesterday, hopefully i can join the Allegiant Family

Our First Recruitment Event is Tomorrow! Come on down to KLAS and support us! Reminder that anyone who joins or is a pilot for allegiant already, will get an extra 5 hours of flight time of they fly with us during the event! You can join the event here!

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