Allegiant Air Trip Report-Providence --> Punta Gorda

Hi all! I wanted to do my first trip report on Allegiant Air and wished to share my experience with you all!
Route- KPVD—> KPGD
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Grade 3

Hey ya’ll! Today I am heading home from visiting family in my home state of Rhode Island. Allegiant had a direct flight from Providence to Punta Gorda Airport that left at 2:07 PM. Join me to see this leisure-focused airline!

Aircraft- Airbus A320
Livery- Allegiant Air (2017 Livery)

Boarding at Gate 8 at Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport

Taxing to runway 5

Take off at 2:29 (22 Minute delay due to snow storm)

Reaching cruising altitude

Approaching Punta Gorda Airport

Landing with gusty winds

Crossing Runway 33 while taxing to our arrival gate

Safely arrived at gate 4, Punta Gorda, Fl

Thanks to Allegiant, I made it home safely. The plane was full of many tourists and snowbirds eager to escape the cold weather. I would give allegiant a 7/10 for the flight today. The service was great but the seats were on the hard side. It was a quick flight that took 2hr and 32 minutes!

Thank you all for coming along with me for my first trip report!


Such a beautiful flight! You took some great pictures! I’ve always been partial to Allegiant. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Ngl forgot we had this livery

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Great shots!


Fun pictures! I wish more of the secondary airports Allegiant uses were 3D.

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Hopefully soon 🤞

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