Allegiant Air Orders 50 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

Allegiant Air To Order 50 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft


Allegiant Air, The ultra low cost carrier in the United States will order 50 Boeing 737MAX aircraft. The airline currently operates an all Airbus fleet, consisting of A320s and A319s.

“The leisure market is coming back in droves relative to the business market,”

Not many details are known right now, but this shift from Airbus to Boeing would mean that the airline would drift away from only operating one aircraft family. They would have to have separate pilots for each plane type, which other airlines have been able to do low cost, but it is a challenge.

Something that may be happening, and don’t quote me on this but Allegiant may be starting up a new sub brand. It could be based in some other city, under the Allegiant brand, but operating as a separate airline. Nothing has been confirmed yet but more information I’m sure will be provided when possible.


Wait. WHAT? This is…out of the blue


Can’t wait to see this guy’s at GRR!! hopefully it’ll open up some more routes to Mexico here, it’ll make the journey there a ton more fuel efficient


Hmmm… we’re gonna need this when the max comes out on IF 👀👀

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Article states it was the MAX-7 and the A220 against one another, and the MAX-7 came on top, leading to this. Quite the accomplishment for BA!


Article says MAX 7, but wonder if there’s any other planes involved. Honestly, the MAX 200 is a perfect fit for Allegiant’s model, and they can have the same pilots flying both types. Wonder when this gets finalized if it’ll also include something like the MAX 200 since those are available now versus the 7 which isn’t certified yet.

Big win for Boeing though after losing Qantas and KLM and interesting pick for Allegiant. Can’t wait to see these guys at SFB!

I’m surprised they didn’t gun for the A320neo, but the MAX will probably do them well. Besides, they have floated around through manufacturers over the years


Here’s the scoop: the 737 Max’s were originally going to I believe Qantas but Boeing gave them a deal on them and they got on the opportunity. Recently G4 and vivoareobus announced a partnership. I believe these aircraft will be used in accordance with going to Mexico from there bases. Now I could be wrong but that’s what I believe and see and what I’ve been hearing. Now another option is that there replacements for there older A319s and 320s. Could Hawaii possibly be on the horizon again?


Ah, Hawaii is something I forgot about and that they use to fly there with the 757s. If they get the MAX 7s ETOPS certified, I think it’s a perfect plane for them to do routes like LAX to Hawaii or AZA to Hawaii with. Something I see possible for sure.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did that. Fuel efficiency and to compete with SWA on that market

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What? That’s crazy… never saw that coming

This literally came out of nowhere…

Tbh if they do launch a sub brand, I wonder what the new airline’s name will be.

Transatlantic flights + Ryanair partnership when

Divergent Air, Insurgent Air



That’s out of the blue

Not likely a sun brand. My theory and what I’m sticking too is it’s in connection with Vivaareobus

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I’m very surprised but i wonder if the livery would fit the max

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From a SunCountry captain……


I trust you have your sources but I highly doubt that would ever happen. Sun countries business model is too different from Allegiant for that to work. Additionally, Sun Country uses almost all 737-800s and the Max 7 wouldn’t exactly make sense for them. Also why earth would SY tell their pilots all that, I feel like that may be your friends theory.

Yes. I do have my resources….😁