Allegiant Air Announces 44 New Routes: Largest Ever Expansion

Throw two darts on a map and that’s the route you launch!

Alright, saying it right now. Some of these routes won’t last long but this is a pretty insane expansion…

Today, Allegiant Air announced its largest ever expansion with 44 new routes and 3 new cities.

To celebrate, the airline is offering one-way fares on the new routes as low as $33. (Until January 16)

(Image by Skift)

The New Cities: Chicago Midway, Boston, and Houston Hobby.

The New Routes

Chicago Midway (MDW):

  • Allentown (ABE)
  • Des Moines (DSM)
  • Savannah (SAV)
  • Asheville (AVL)
  • Knoxville (TYS)
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach (VPS)

Boston (BOS):

  • Grand Rapids
  • Asheville
  • Knoxville
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach

Houston Hobby (HOU):

  • Knoxville
  • Asheville
  • Savannah
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach

Nashville (BNA):

  • Bozeman (BZN)
  • Sioux Falls (FSD)
  • Norfolk (ORF)
  • Pittsburgh (PIT)
  • Peoria (PIA)
  • Tulsa (TUL)
  • Fargo (FAR)
  • Flint (FNT)
  • Greensboro (GSO)

Austin (AUS):

  • Des Moines
  • Asheville
  • Knoxville
  • Grand Rapids


(In addition to HOU/MDW)

  • St. Louis “MidAmerica” (BLV)
  • Stewart (SWF)
  • Punta Gorda (PGD)


(In addition to BNA)

  • Columbus Rickenbacker (LCK)
  • Pittsburgh

Destin/Fort Walton Beach:

(In addition to HOU, BOS, MDW)

  • Dayton (DAY)
  • Stewart (SWF)

Memphis (MEM):

  • Des Moines
  • Palm Beach (PBI)
  • Pittsburgh
  • Cincinnati (CVG)

Myrtle Beach:

  • Knoxville
  • Punta Gorda
  • Elmira (ELM)


  • Grand Rapids to Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Louisville (SDF) to Charleston (CHS)
  • Orlando Sanford (SFB) to Albuquerque (ABQ)

That was a pain to type… sorry if there’s duplicates or if I’m missing one or two routes but I think I have exactly 44.

Overall, it’s great to see Allegiant connect cities that never had a link before, but the feasibility of these routes is questionable. Either way, good luck to Allegiant with this massive expansion.


I congratulate Allegiant on their expansion.

EDIT: Thank god they retired their MD80s! They had problems due to lack of maintenance.

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Yesterday on their Facebook, Grand Rapids Airport held a contest to guess the new routes. Austin and Boston were both in my guesses!
Good for Allegiant!

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Memphis, Norfolk, and Nashville…

Hum, not the flights I would have expected us to get… 🤔

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Where are they getting the aircraft fir this?

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Well that’s a little unexpected! Frontier and Spirit have expanded massively in the past couple of years at AUS, and I suspect Allegiant is trying to keep up with them


Allegiant flying to LAX? Finally, being willing to spend money on slots? This has to be fake… 😄


This does sound really extreme, but probably that’s a (more) reasonable number kn the US given the huge size of the country. Still a impressive expansion! Thanks for sharing!

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I saw the “Grand” part of this and got excited for a second thinking it would be Grand Junction (GJT) as we already have 3 Allegiant destinations (LAX, LAS, AZA) and I would have thought it would be an expansion destination.

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LAX doesn’t have slots, they have landing fees and ramp costs, but no slots.
Slots are really a “rest of the world” thing.
Only JFK LGA and DCA are slot controlled.

Allegiant already has a sizeable presence in LAX.

They‘ve got a few aircraft on order and I think a majority of these routes are sub-daily.

Wow that’s news to me, I looked at their route map recently and thought they flew to airports around the area to reduce costs instead of directly into LAX.

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They fly GJT-LAX =D.

Yet another budget carrier at Boston. This would mark the last major budget carrier to service Logan. Frontier was the most recent to arrive.

GRR and TYS are surprisingly large markets underserved from Boston. Was hoping Delta or JetBlue would pick these up. Maybe this new service will entice them to do so. We’ll see how well these will perform.

Great news too for the other cities of course.

Nashville to my home airport 😳 Now this is exciting…

Seems like Bozeman is getting new routes every month!

Nice frontier dartboard additions, I bet 3/4 of these will be gone by next year but still cool nonetheless.

Glad they added LAX, BOS, and AUS from GRR. Pretty great news!

HYPED! Especially for those Memphis routes! I’m excited to fly these seasonal routes!

I’m seriously shocked over this. With their presence at PSM, I would assume they would open new routes from PSM.

I have worked several Allegiant flights, mainly fueling, sometimes bags and stuff.

PSM needs some new service, as we currently only have SFB and PDG, with seasonal service to MYR, SAV, PIE.

This is so amazing TYS is getting new routes let’s go. I can now fly to Boston, Myrtle, Houston, and Austin, and Chicago Midway yes sadly Allegiant only has 2 planes in their fleet A320 and the A319. So I won’t be seeing any new aircraft here at TYS but I’m happy for new routes.