Allegiant Air A319 (Old Livery)

A lot of people seem to like the A320 version, why not add the A319 as well?

(not my photo)


The more liveries the better!


I see this airplane also everyday! They need to add this! :)


I wish people would vote for this, I flew on N306NV and so I would love an Allegiant a319

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This one is pretty old, I could probably make another thread if that is ok with the @moderators

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This one is fine. Would be as relevant as a new one.


Okay, then you know I have to vote for this @Daniel14! Great request

If they make an Allegiant A319, I hope they add this livery instead of the new one

Wait what I do? I dont know what I did.

I love the request, and said I would vote for it.

I didn’t make this request though.

Before anyone decides to jump down my throat about not giving credit, I’ll give it here since I cannot edit the original post:

Image was found on Flickr via Google Images. Full credit goes to the author, Ken Koller. :)

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@AllegiantAir and @Daniel14, would you please continue this off-topic discussion via PM? This isn’t the type of venue for such conversations.

Thanks in advance! :)


Maybe I should take my vote off the Allegiant A320 and put it on this one 🤔🤔

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Yes! As Nike says “JUST DO IT!”


Allegiant is missing

Not necessarily, they have a 757-200 livery in the game. But it would be nice though to see more liveries for them.

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It would be nice to see some more planes added to the Allegiant air fleet in IF

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Yes! I coulf fly out of my regional airport with it! :)

I L,O,V,E this livery! FDS really needs to add some Allegiant Aircraft in the game (I prefer the new livery though😉)

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