Allegiant Air 4 times as likely for breakdowns. Had to make 77 unexpected landings.

Has anyone flown allegiant? I would be mildly concerned. Have heard a pilot once say he would not let his family fly with them.


Make sense because older fleet


I haven’t but I’ll try

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I’ve flown them before, and haven’t had any issues. Although, the issues are very much at large. I found it hard to believe when the FAA said they didn’t find any major operational problems.

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I imagine that once the new air busses come in then it will be much better. The ceo said this year that the numbers from 2015 are unnaceptable and working to fix it

I tried searching. Does anyone know when they expect the new ones?

I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube about Allegiant MD 80s breaking down:-(

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It’s good they will be replacing them with A319s soon:-)

I’m excited to see these. I think it will be good for the airline but sad when the md’s retire.

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